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The brand new frequency has also been regarding sex difference

The brand new frequency has also been regarding sex difference

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Prevalent comorbidities incorporated blood pressure (63.8%), CAD (30.7%), COPD (23%), and you can CVD (21.3%) within 12 months just before list day. This type of comorbidities remained commonplace during the step 1-12 months several months just after list date. Furthermore, the pricing of these comorbidities had been highest during the time shortly after index go out, but dyslipidemia and you will gout.

To deal with potential recommending activities altered over the years, the fresh new comparison is put into several phases (Table ? (Tablestep three). 3 ). New recommending price out-of antihypertensive representatives try the greatest just one of every symptoms; ones, CCB is the big agent. New prescribing rate off antihypertensive agencies are 75.1% in the standard several months, and you may risen to 81.4%, 85.5%, and you can 88.7% in ninety days, six months, and you will 12 months after list big date, correspondingly. The brand new recommending cost out-of antiplatelet representatives in almost any periods was in fact fluctuated. It displayed 39.7% when you look at the baseline, decrease to 37%, then increased to 47.2% immediately following one year shortly after directory big date. The newest suggesting price regarding aspirin was the greatest one among the fresh new family of antiplatelet agencies. Sixteen percent off clients into the standard period had been given statin and also the rate is risen to 19.1% just after one year. Table ? Table3 step three reveals the brand new recommending costs of any family of procedures.


The people-created epidemiological investigation checked out the fresh new frequency, prevalence, and you can clinical services out-of AA customers certainly people along with subtypes over a period of seven years. The major stamina of our investigation is the fact we advertised population-based epidemiological investigation and recommending activities inside Far eastern inhabitants. Sigue leyendo The brand new frequency has also been regarding sex difference