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Galvatron soon strike away facing Cybertron once more, now selecting the the fresh new very-material labeled as Cybertonuron

Galvatron soon strike away facing Cybertron once more, now selecting the the fresh new very-material labeled as Cybertonuron

Kaen in addition to Trainbots was first-in line in the world so you’re able to transportation across the Area Bridge with the treat towards the Decepticons. They hurried straight into the newest attacking as soon as they arrived. Cybertron Is in Grave Threat, Part step one Kaen plus the Trainbots encountered the newest Predacons in security of the household globe. The battle was tough however, temporary, as Trainbots handicapped their opponents. Cybertron Is during Grave Issues, Region 2

The fresh new Headmasters in the near future arrived and you can tagged from the Trainbots, allowing Kaen along with his family relations to go to the fresh community and you can escort people so you can safety inside their joint train means

Kaen while the Trainbots defended the fresh new Sol step 1 satellite throughout the the discharge cycle. When Scourge, Cyclonus as well as the Predacons came into steal the latest satellite, it travelled aside on Headmasters to end her or him. New Shadow Emperor, Scorponok Next, Kaen’s team registered the newest Protectobots to your an urgent situation conserve purpose so you’re able to Peru, where an active volcano try intimidating a tiny town. They certainly were intercepted of the Predacons, and therefore Shoki questioned Hot-spot to go on to come and you may increase the villagers because the Trainbots filled the newest Preds. Kaen spoke loudly towards bravery and virtues of Trainbots while caving Tantrum’s lead within the. In the near future, Raiden and you may Predaking was in fact designed, and competition really was entered. The newest Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts In their second worst scheme, brand new Decepticons unleashed a giant carnivorous bush inside the the downtown area San francisco, prompting this new Autobots to reply. Kaen and also the Trainbots arrived, however, was in fact confronted with Bruticus, exactly who wanted to duel that have sabers created from white. The brand new Trainbots shaped Raiden and you will met Bruticus blade having sword. Directly!! Fortress Maximus

Shoki gave the fresh command and the Trainbots come up with to form Raiden, grappling having Predaking and finally going after from the Decepticons

Towards a great geological trip to help you Mars which have Danny and you may Increase, Kaen plus the Trainbots was basically establish when a series of palpitations rocked the new land. Trying take a look at the, the group split to obtain the reason of your own phenomena. Kaen with his teammates ran to your Predacons, and soon it read out of a storyline to spend upwards Mars. Passage from the study so you’re able to Chromedome and Headmasters, Kaen therefore the Trainbots travelled returning to Athenia to get Surge and Danny so you can shelter. Rush to the Mars!! Maximus Is actually Risk These beautiful Zibo womens were nearly instantaneously called straight back, not – the latest Decepticon Headmasters had utilized plasma time to help you neutralize Fortress Maximus, leaving the new Autobots towards Mars into the hopeless necessity of reinforcements. Kaen while the trains reformed Raiden because they showed up, and you may fought against Abominus plus the MegaZarak Transtector, scorpion means. Rush on Mars!! MegaZarak Looks

Kaen and the Trainbots offered as the military transport on the Autobots when they assaulted the new Decepticon conference into moon. The new strike was foiled of the coming out of Galvatron, additionally the Autobots fled back into World aboard the fresh new teaches. Come back of your Immortal Emperor Kaen with his teammates have been next employed for a relief goal. The planet Sandra was in eager necessity of energon, and you will Super Magnus matched up this new Autobots regarding Environment inside the event specific of their energon supplies onboard the newest Trainbots. Galvatron while the Decepticons need the power for themselves, not, and you may tampered with the save aid. Kaen and also the Trainbots took off twice to have Sandra, plus they was basically twice-shot down by the Decepticons before it you may log off conditions. Struggling to take off, Kaen rather wound up offering as the protection on the Technobots once the it fired straight back towards the Decepticons. The newest Autobots away from Planet eventually threw in the towel, sending time supplies off Athenia alternatively. SOS regarding Entire world Sandra Kaen as well as the Trainbots also ferryed new Witwickys and you may Headmasters towards shared benefits chat to Galvatron. If the talks ran bad, it helped the newest Headmasters beat brand new Horrorcons and make it in order to cover. Daniel Face His Greatest Crisis Previously!!